It Doesn't Get More SF


San Francisco culture is truly unique. I mean, where else are you gonna find a naked man wearing nothing but a sock, walking in front of an artesian matcha shop, in the middle of July (when it really feels like the middle of November). That culture carries right over to Oracle Park - where you can eat your weight in garlic fries, while wearing a panda hat, trying to catch a foul ball from a Kayak. When the Giants decided to celebrate all that they were, they knew they were nothing without all that makes SF what it is. Because It Doesn’t Get More SF….


….than The Fog.


It’s a little known fact, but The Fog is in fact the Giants biggest fan. Every Summer he rolls in to try and catch as many games as he can.


….than Getting In Their (Bobble)heads.


Baseball is a total mind game. It’s about absolute precision, constant determination, a surprising amount of math, and a bit of superstition. But what really goes on inside a Giant as he heads to bat? It’s weirder than you think.


….than some Out Of Home.