State Of Decay


Stop and think. If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, what would you do? Would you lead, would you follow, would you be like me and  probably die in the first 10 minutes? In the over-saturated world of anything zombie themed, we tried to find something new. Our discussions ranged from supplies and tactics, to pop culture and the world in which we currently live. But one thing remained constant, the humanity. So instead of trying to tell another zombie story of survival, we let survivors tell their own stories, and answer the question, How Will You Survive? 


Campaign Teasers.

Survival Packs. 


At the end of the films you’re left with the lasting question, How Will You Survive? When we decided to engage with influencers, we didn’t want to just send them some swag, we wanted to find a way for them to answer the question for themselves. So we sent them a survival pack, filled with gear either Coach or Nurse found necessary. We sent them diary entires and words of encouragement to let them know they were not alone in this apocalypse. We also sent them the video cameras Coach and Nurse used to document their experiences - preloaded with the survival films. So when that lasting question appears, “How Will You Survive?” they really could answer it for themselves. 


Twitter Scenario Thread.

How Will You Survive? We all have our instincts, but how can we be certain we know the kind of person we would be if the worst should happen. Enter Twitter. We hacked the platform to help people answer for themselves through a choose your own survival adventure. It’s called a scenario thread. Think you know what you’d become? See for yourself: